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Direct Cremation Services

Cremation Services By The Sea is a locally owned cremation only business located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Our cremation options focus on simple direct cremation services with no sales pressure. In addition, we proudly offer in office & online crematory arrangements as outlined on our general price list. We guarantee a professional experience and low cost cremation prices in Palm Beach County, FL. 

From the initial contact with our firm, families can expect professionalism & experienced assistance. Our cremation services are established & understanding of every facet of the cremation process. You will have one chance to make the right choice, choose a leader that takes the time to care each along the way. Choose Cremation Services By The Sea.

Cremation Services By The Sea offers direct cremation services directly to the public. Our private cremation arrangements include the immediate transport of the deceased directly to our partnered crematory, not an off-site care center until cremation is approved. This is a true direct cremation. Our approach keeps overhead low & we simply pass the low cost cremation savings to you, our client family. 

Learn more about our cremation options, cremation services, cremation prices and why individuals and families in South Florida are electing our services over the competition. 


  • What is a direct cremation?
    A direct cremation is the most simple of services. It includes the immediate transportation of the deceased from the place of death directly to the crematory for holding. There are no formal services, either public or private. There is also no viewing, ceremony or religious services. Once permitted, the cremation is scheduled and completed. The cremated remains are then available for the family to finalize any other plans they may wish for.
  • What is an alternative cremation container?
    An alternative container is required by law and requied for the cremation process. A casket is not required for a direct cremation. However, an alternative container must be utilized to fulfill the regulations. It is not an urn. The container is used to shelter the deceased during the cremation process. Cremation Services By The Sea offers the appropriate container directly to the public and one is generally included with our packaged services, unless otherwise stated.
  • How do I start the process (arrangements)?
    Initiating our services is simple. We can finalize immediate arrangements in as little as one phone call or by completing our online arrangement forms. Our forms can be completed from any device such as a smart phone, tablet or computer. In addition, our forms are paperless and only take minutes to finalize.
  • My loved one is on or going to be placed under hospice care? What do I need to do?
    Once you have decided that a direct cremation is what you and your loved one wish for, simply give hospice our name and phone number (561) 623-7357. Advise them to contact us when services are required. Our team members are available 24 hours a day to initiate our transporation services.
  • How many death certificates do I need?
    Death certificates are legal documents and enable proof of death to be established. You can not use photo copies for legal purposes. There is no standard on how many copies you will need. Each family is different and so are their needs. Here is a link to a helpful template
  • How long do I have to wait for transportation once the call is made?
    Once we are permitted to provider transporation, our team will arrive on average within one hour. In some cases, this timeframe may be less. However, in some cases it may take longer. We are subject to the same rules of the road as any other vehicle. Some examples that add to delays: school zones, traffic, accidents on the road, constructions, clearing gated communities and weather conditions that obstruct roadways. \ For deaths at a hospital: A release form will be required prior to transportation being cleared. Medical Examiners Office: A release form will be required prior to transporation being cleared.
  • How long until we receive the cremated remains back?
    Cremation can take up to two weeks. However, in many circumstances, cremation can be completed in 5-7 business days. Florida also does not permit cremation to take place within the first 48 hours of a death. Keep in mind that a permit is required and this process does take time. Cremation must also be approved by the county prior to scheduling. Do not make plans for services until the cremation is completed.
  • Is an urn required?
    No, an urn is not required. However, most families do select an urn when they wish to retain the cremated remains. Urns come in many fashions, shapes and sizes. They are also available for every budget. An urn is common in memorial services and celebration of life services. If an urn is not selected, the cremated remains are returned in a fiberboard box. You may opt for an upgrade to personalize your services.
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