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Direct Cremation Options

Cremation Services By The Sea is proud to service individuals and families in Palm Beach & Broward County. Our direct cremation services are cost effective for those that wish for a simple cremation. Those that select our services over the competition can expect licensed professionals that take the time to care. Our goal is to provide dignified cremation services at an affordable cost. There is no need to contact a local funeral home. We can help with every detail of your loved ones final wishes. Choose our $795 online package for all inclusive local services and the professional care that you deserve.

$695 Direct Cremation Option

Basic professional services - Partial professional services (online)


Transportation from the place of death or autopsy 35 mile radius

Initial filing of legal documents with state offices

Securing a doctors signature for the death certificate

Notification to Social Security

Temperature controlled care of deceased (4 days)

Cremation approval

Basic cremation services (deceased <275 lbs.)

One free death certificate

Return of cremated remains in a selected receptacle

Alternative Container

An alternative container is required by the crematory to properly shelter the deceased during the cremation process. It must be rigid & combustible in nature. They may be constructed of wood or fiberboard, with or without a top.


If you wish to provide one to us, you must do so prior to the scheduled cremation process.  We offer the appropriate container similar to the one displayed below for purchase.


Our cost to you is $100 & is not included with the $695 option. For details on additional packaged service options, see our package General Price List. 

Cremation Services By The Sea Container

$795 Cremation Service

Our online simple package is idea for families that want us to take care of every detail. This package also includes the county approval fee and one death certificate. Local transportation, filing of docs, refrigeration care, online basic services, notification of social security, crematory fee and an alternative container are all included. Arrange online and for immediate need only.

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